Cleaning a garbage disposal

A garbage disposal can be described as an electrically-powered machine which is mostly found under the sink in a kitchen between the trap and drain. It usually shreds food waste into small pieces in order to pass through the plumbing effectively. However, this machine may produce horrible odor, which may spread into the entire house. The smell may be from the food waste which got stuck in the crevices or splash guard. The smell may be unbearable and unpleasant and thus the need to prevent it. The following are some of the tips to make your garbage disposal smell great.

You should start by routine cleaning of the garbage disposal. This involves cleaning your garbage disposal regularly. You should do it by turning it on and running a stream of hot water through it for about 40 seconds. This time is adequate to push particles through the pipes. This should be done every time the garbage disposal runs. You should then turn it off and stop up the sink using a rubber stopper. In this step, fill the sink basin with a grease-cutting dish washing detergent and hot water. Remove the stopper and immediately turn on the garbage disposal and allow the contents to drain.

You are then required to clean thoroughly the bottoms of the flaps. This is because they can build up some food debris. Remove the parts of the machine which lift out and clean them using a scrub brush or toothbrush and soapy water. If the parts cannot be removed, lift up the rubber flaps so as to clean the area between the blades and the flap. After this, run water for about 30 seconds when the device is on.

In conclusion, the above tips should always be used whenever you use your garbage disposal. You can just follow the tips above and surely they will work out fine for you. If you would like to learn more about the things your local Windsor carpet cleaner can do visit